Your safety: our priority

Your safety: our priority

As everywhere at CERN, your safety and well-being are our top priority. We want all our visitors to have a safe and enjoyable experience and to leave CERN with lasting good memories.

Below you will find some useful information for when you are on site.

Conditions of entry

  • Only guide and assistance animals are allowed in Science Gateway and on the CERN sites.
  • We remind you that luggage and large bags are not allowed in CERN Science Gateway or on guided tours. Lockers for the storage of small luggage are available near the Big Bang Café.
  • Minors must be accompanied at all times by at least one adult.


  • Taking photos for non-commercial purposes is permitted, provided that the privacy of other visitors is respected.
  • Non-private or commercial photography/recording is only allowed by prior arrangement.

When you visit CERN’s Science Gateway and/or follow a guided tour

  • If you hear the evacuation alarm: follow our guides’ instructions and in any case calmly evacuate the building, making your way to the nearest assembly point. 
    Assembly point
  • Always respect signage, access restrictions and instructions given by our guides.
  • Please use pavements and pedestrian crossings. 
  • We kindly ask you to be mindful of the environment:
    • Dispose of your waste appropriately, using the recycling bins.
    • Don’t throw objects down drains.
    • Don’t pick or trample flowers.
  • Please note that smoking is forbidden in all enclosed or covered spaces on CERN premises.

If you follow a guided tour inside the CERN domain

  • During the guided tours, closed, flat shoes must be worn.
  • Always wear your visitor badge visibly.
  • Be aware that CERN is an industrial site with a variety of hazards, including electricity, magnetic fields and ionising radiation.
  • Stay with your guide at all times. 
  • Follow these essential rules for your personal safety
    • Avoid touching any object or equipment that you are not familiar with
    • Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings