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The CERN Science Gateway auditorium and the Globe of Science and Innovation are the only spaces available at CERN for private events.

It is an opportunity to welcome your guests in unique and fascinating buildings, emphasise your commitment to sustainable development and get involved in one of the most ground-breaking aspects of research.

The Science Gateway auditorium (available as from November 2023) is a 717 mspace that can be divided in up to 3 spaces (with or without seats) allowing the organisation of meetings, conferences, cocktails and dinners with a maximum total capacity of 900 people, depending on the layout and chosen activities.

The Globe of Science and Innovation consists of two areas: an auditorium of 300 mon the first floor (available now) and a multipurpose event space of 340 m2 on the ground floor (available mid-2024). Each space is able to welcome up to 300 people, depending on the required layout and activities.

Note that the use of the Globe of Science and Innovation implies a donation to the CERN & Society Foundation and is subject to the Foundation authorization.

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CERN events and events for CERN partners

The CERN Science Gateway auditorium and the Globe of Science and Innovation can be used for internal CERN events and for events for or involving CERN partners.

Please note that these spaces are not standard meeting rooms, that any event taking place there must comply with specific terms and conditions, including a financial participation.

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2023: works around the Globe

Please note that Science Gateway construction works are ongoing around the Globe. The Globe auditorium stays accessible during the works. Contact us for more details.