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​Bring CERN closer


Whether you are a museum exhibition designer, an institution looking for a temporary exhibition or  a local events organiser, we are here to help you bring CERN closer. 


CERN has two travelling exhibitions available for temporary loan Accelerating Science and CERN in Images. We have also developed an exhibit, the LHC Interactive Tunnel (LIT), which allows visitors to learn about particle acceleration and collision. We can also share some of our iconic objects that have made history in the field of particle physics. Follow the respective links to obtain further information about the technical requirements and booking conditions of our travelling exhibits.

While our travelling content requires prior booking, you can download picturesvideos and animationsvirtual reality material at any time and adapt it to your specific venue or event. 

Finally, you can also make use of the resources available online

Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us for advice and further information.

Objects for loan


For its 70th anniversary, CERN is presenting an exhibition illustrating the connection between the research conducted at the laboratory and our understanding of the mysteries of the Universe, from the Big Bang to present-day galaxies. The exhibition is enhanced with animations accessible via QR codes.




Objects for loan

Some of the most iconic parts of our detectors and accelerators are available for temporary loan. Search the database for further information. Our objects are usually on display at big scientific events, museums, exhibition halls, or scientific fairs.




LHC Interactive Tunnel ExhibitLHC interactive tunnel

By immersing the public in a fully interactive gaming experience, the LHC interactive tunnel exhibit explains concepts such as the influence of the Higgs Field on matter and particle acceleration and collision. This exhibit is suitable for museums, exhibition halls, or fairs.


CERN Accelerating Science

Accelerating Science

CERN's flagship travelling exhibition takes visitors on an extraordinary journey, starting with the Big Bang. As you move through the exhibition, you will also realise to what extent fundamental research is a tremendous driving force behind innovation. This exhibition is suitable for museums, exhibition halls, or fairs.

CERN in imagesCERN in Images

This series of posters is supplemented with films (TV sets provided) and objects. Different configurations are possible and can be adapted to the existing space.