"My mother is a supernova" baby bodysuit

Baby body suit blue "My mother is a supernova"

"My mother is a supernova" 

All elements, except the three lightest, are products of reactions between atoms that take place inside stars.

When a star dies in an explosion known as a supernova, these elements are thrown into space.
Some have ended up on Earth over the last four billion years that our planet has existed. We’re all stardust! 

Find out more about supernovas.

Baby body suit blue "My mother is a supernova"


16 CHF
Technical Specifications

100% organic cotton.

Colour : blue 

Size guide in cm :

Size A B     
 Baby vest sizing   
3 months 34 19
6 months 36 20
9 months 39 22
12 months 41 23
18 months 43 24
24 months 44 25

Age is only an approximation of size. The height of your child gives a much better indication of which size to buy.