Lab workshops at Science Gateway

Lab workshops at Science Gateway

(available as of October 2023, groups bookings are opened)

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As part of your visit to CERN, you can book a lab workshop for your group of school students in our state-of-the-art facilities. These hands-on sessions will be delivered by members from CERN’s scientific community and allow you to explore your scientific curiosity and learn how to conduct scientific investigations through enquiry-based learning activities. 

We offer a wide range of workshops in the educational labs at CERN Science Gateway. If you book a lab workshop for your group of school students, you will be asked to provide more information about your group’s profile one month before your visit. While we aim to offer each group a workshop that best suits their group profile, please note that the final workshop allocation will be done by the Visits Service taking into account safety, availability and other logistical considerations.

Lab workshops last between 45 and 90 minutes, are available in different languages, and cover a variety of topics from the basic principles of particle detection to the use of robots in science.