Possible Globe layouts

Here are some possible configurations for the first floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation.


This category includes lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, artistic performances, etc. 

Maximum capacity: 250
The stage area is 8 x 3.5 m but can be adapted using 2 x 1 m modules
The stage height can be between 20 and 80 cm
Standard conference chairs available
Lectern available.

CERN Globe Conference 250

CERN Globe Conference

CERN Globe Film Screening

CERN Globe Theatre Play



This category includes meetings, workshops, team building activities, etc.

Maximum capacity: approx. 100 (depending on how spaces are arranged)
Rectangular tables (120 x 80cm) and standard chairs available

CERN Globe Meeting 24

CERN Globe Workshop 32



Globe Mixed 1



This category includes cocktails, coffee breaks, snacks and light lunches, as well as speeches, announcements, etc.

Maximum capacity: 300 (no seats, capacity reduced if furniture is added)
Rectangular tables (120 x 80 cm) available
Tall standing tables available
Other furniture to be provided by caterer
Space for caterer available behind wall

CERN Globe Cocktail 300

CERN Globe Cocktail

Globe Cocktail 1

Globe Cocktail 2



This category includes dinners, lunches, celebrations, etc.

Maximum capacity: 160 (to be reduced if a cocktail area is needed; stage may have to be removed to guarantee the comfort of guests)
Banquet furniture and accessories to be provided by caterer
Space for caterer available behind wall

CERN Globe Banquet 160

CERN Globe Banquet 100

Globe Dinner 1

Globe Dinner 2


Mixed layouts

A mixed layout is possible but capacity will have to be adapted accordingly. Please describe your needs in the booking form.

Maximum capacity: depends on requirements
A change of layout during the event requires guests to leave the Globe for at least two hours.

CERN Globe Mixed 24

CERN Globe Mixed 100

CERN Globe Mixed Layout